Serve Together Read Together

God has blessed us with the opportunity to write two children’s books “I Am Chosen To Learn” and “I Am Chosen To Be A Friend.” On this journey, we have had the opportunity to travel throughout the state of South Carolina to read and connect with children. With the current limitations that we have on face-to-face interactions, it’s in my heart to introduce to you our virtual “Serve Together, Read Together ” initiative.

The purpose of our “Serve Together, Read Together” initiative is to serve God by working to meet the cognitive needs of our youth. Reading is important to our development as humans and I wholeheartedly believe that we must do our part and read to the children. 

Our mission is to connect with community members, record videos of them reading, and share the video recordings for children, through our Bigger Than Sports, SC YouTube channel and social media. 

If you are willing to be a community reader for our “Serve Together, Read Together” Initiative please contact us at

We greatly appreciate your support!