BTSSC (F.A.M.S) Camp


BTSSC (F.A.M.S) Camp 

In order for us to create authentic relationships with students & community leaders, BTSSC will offer a free Faith Agility Movement & Speed (F.A.M.S) camp to serve the students of the community.

Beyond contributing to the development of the students’ sports skills, the BTSSC (F.A.M.S) Camp Experience is designed for the community to come together, and have fun. Our goal is for the students to not only learn camp specifics, but we would like to share with the students our purpose for connecting with them. We look forward to serving the attendees as well as contributing to their development for their future endeavors.

The BTSSC (F.A.M.S) Camp Experience will provide students with the opportunity to learn and apply the why, how, and what of:

  • Faith: Share the Word of God & our daily life principles of Connect, Learn, Teach, Serve, & Love
  • Agility: Multi-directional movements, acceleration, deceleration, 20 yard short shuttle, 3-cone drill, and the 60 yard shuttle
  • Movements: Dynamic warm-up, squat, hinge, jumping, and landing
  • Speed: Stance, starts, coordination, linear movements, 20, 40, and 60 yard dash

Register for the camp by clicking the link below.

  • BTSSC (F.A.M.S) Camp in conjuction w/ Greenwood Football – Greenwood, SC (Register Here) 
    • Where: Greenwood High School
    • When: Friday, June 11th, 2021 (9AM to 12PM)
  • BTSSC (F.A.M.S) Camp – Pelzer, SC (Register Here)
    • Where: Washington Baptist Church
    • When: Friday, June 18th, 2021 (9AM to 12PM)
  • BTSSC (F.A.M.S) Camp – Sumter, SC (Register Here)
    • Where: Lakewood High School
    • When: Saturday, June 26th, 2021 (9AM to 12PM)