BTSSC Programs

Speaking Opportunities

When we are blessed with the opportunity to speak to groups of people, we use the life experiences that God has allowed us to have and share our knowledge and wisdom with our audience. We want to connect with our audience authentically; they receive what we share and see how they can apply it to their lives. We speak from our foundational principles of: Connect, Learn, Teach, Serve, and Love.

BTSSC Faith Agility Movement & Speed Camp

The BTSSC (FAMS) Camp Experience will provide students with the opportunity to learn and apply the why, how, and what of:

  • Faith: Share the Word of God & our daily life principles of: Connect, Learn, Teach, Serve, & Love
  • Agility: Multi-directional movements, acceleration, deceleration, 20-yard short shuttle, 3-cone drill, and the 60-yard shuttle
  • Movements: Dynamic warm-up, push up, squat, hinge, jumping, and landing
  • Speed: Stance, starts, coordination, linear movements, 20, 40, and 60-yard dash

Past BTSSC F.A.M.S Camps

Greenwood, SC – York, SC – Columbia, SC – Laurens, SC – Pelzer, SC – Sumter, SC – Simpsonville, SC

I Am Meant To Be Symposium

We expect to support our purpose by providing middle school & high school-aged young men and women with continued mentorship. In addition to mentorship, our goal is to provide life skills development strategies for individuals to gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to support their growth as individuals in the community.

The “I Am Meant To Be Symposium” will consist of a one-day seminar where students will be provided insight from men and women on topics of their choice relative to the student’s development. These topics may be hands-on training or seminar-type presentations. The goal is for men to mentor young men and women to mentor young women. After the event, we will hold an inclusive talk and conduct an extensive session. The speakers for the event will have a panel discussion where they will be asked various questions that are relevant to the attendees.

Past I Am Meant To Be Symposiums

Greenwood, SC and York, SC

BTSSC Backpack Drive

We must use what God has blessed us with and serve the needs of others. The purpose of the backpack drive is to serve by donating a backpack, & school supplies so that children are prepared to engage in learning when school begins. We aim to donate one backpack with supplies to 300 children in Greenwood County and Columbia, SC.

BTSSC Christmas Toy Drive

We believe that giving and serving are two traits that we all can work to do more of so that we can help other people. The purpose of this toy drive is for us to come together & share the gift of giving and serving. The Lord has given to us so that we can serve and give to others.

Our goal is to be able to donate gifts to children of all ages. Serving the needs of others is what the Lord has planted us to do & it brings pure joy to our lives. When we are blessed with the ability to make someone smile, we should do so.

Connect, Read, & Write with BTSSC

The purpose of our “Connect, Read, & Write” initiative is to serve God by developing a connection with teachers and students through our books while supporting the children on their journey to becoming lifelong readers and writers.

Our mission is to create dialogue and ideas for the children to build on. We aspire to do this through our books, “I Am Chosen To Be A Friend” and “I Am Chosen To Learn.” We connect with the teachers and read to the children, or teachers are asked to read one or both books as a class and write an assignment on the book based on their lesson plans.

BTSSC Author Visit

Our purpose is to engage children on a personal level while exploring our five principles: Connect, Learn, Teach, Serve, & Love. These principles are themes of our books “I Am Chosen To Be A Friend” & “I Am Chosen To Learn.”

BTSSC Thanksgiving Meal Drive

We must use what God has blessed us with and serve the needs of others. The purpose of our Thanksgiving Meal Drive is to serve the needs by providing families with food for Thanksgiving, and our goal is to donate a full Thanksgiving meal to 50 families.

Servanthood Virtual Bible Study

Our purpose is to allow the Spirit to guide us as we grow together while spreading the Word of God within and beyond our small group to become the servants God has called us to be.

Our Mission is to:

  • Love God and love our neighbors (Mathew 22:37-39)
  • Teach the truth in love. (Ephesians 4:15)
  • Serve the world in any way we can with our gifts. (Matthew 23:11 & 1 Peter 4:10)
  • Make disciples of one another and other people in the world (Matthew 28:19)

Our vision is to create a world where we will become more like Jesus (1 John 3:2) and support others in their walk with Jesus.

We meet at least one time per week as a group.