Our Why


Per NCAA research, 7.2 million male and female student athletes participate in high school athletics per year.  Of those 7.2 million, about 6 percent have proceeded to become NCAA participants at the division one, division two, or division three level, across 27 sports.  We believe that we can assist the 6 percent and the other 94 percent of student athletes in developing skills relative but not limited to: Education, Involvement in the Community, Networking, and Employment. Life after sports is a topic that needs to be addressed, but more importantly it is a part of the world’s culture than can be impacted in a positive way with the proper actions.

Our Mission of Bigger than Sports, SC is to partner with school districts, athletic departments, & communities across South Carolina to provide mentoring to student-athletes. We work to provide the student athletes with life skill development in which they can use beyond athletics, in order to increase college admission and post-graduation job placement.

Our Vision of the Bigger than Sports, SC (BTSSC) program is to create a world where all student athletes in South Carolina graduate and become contributing members of society.

Our five Principles of connect, learn, teach, serve, and love will guide our day-to-day decisions and approach to changing the lives of the student athletes we work with.