Connect, Read, & Write with BTSSC

God has blessed us with the opportunity to write two children’s books “I Am Chosen To Be A Friend” and “I Am Chosen To Learn.” On this journey, we have had the opportunity to travel throughout the state of South Carolina to read and connect with children & teachers. To continue our journey, it is in my heart to introduce to you our “Connect, Read, & Write” initiative.

My specific prayer has been, “God, show me what you need me to continue to do with our books.” I received a message about Christy Heath, a teacher in Aiken, SC. Ms.Heath read “I Am Chosen To Be A Friend” to her class. The children completed a writing assignment to go along with the reading. With wise counsel through a few people, God made it clear what we needed to do. I am appreciative, humbled, & grateful that we get to serve children and teachers.


The purpose of our “Connect, Read, & Write” initiative is to serve God by developing a connection with teachers and students through our books while supporting the children on their journey to becoming lifelong readers and writers. 


Our mission is to create dialogue and ideas for the children to build on. We aspire to do this through our books, “I Am Chosen To Be A Friend” and “I Am Chosen To Learn.” 


  • Click on the link to the “Connect, Read, & Write Teacher Agreement Form” from Bigger Than Sports, SC
  • After completing the google form, teachers will receive one or both books to the address written in the form.
  • The teachers are asked to read one or both books as a class and write an assignment on the book based on their lesson plans. 
  • After the books have been read, teachers are asked to take and share a picture and the writing assignment, of the students, to Bigger Than Sports, SC. The pictures can be shared to

We greatly appreciate your support!