Greenwood County

 BTSSC Community Connections Team – Greenwood County

Tyisha Williams

“It takes a village to raise a child. It’s essential that we work together to bridge the gap and empower the powerless. In order to accomplish this goal we have to be empathetic, eradicate perceived judgement about members of our community, meet them where they by assessing their identified needs to bring about change.”

Chris Glover

“Working with others and serving in your community allows us to make an impact in the lives of our past, present and future generations. Each individual will share the same vision for the community, but will combine their knowledge and experience to create a plan that will strengthen the community.”

Sloan Calvert

“It is important for us to serve our community using our God give talents and resources in order to create a positive environment for our youth to grow and thrive in and to set a great example of how to maximize the gifts we were given no matter what they are.”

Rodney Robinson

“We are our brother’s keeper”. We are called to render service and help where it is needed. God blesses us to be a blessing. I have always enjoyed the opportunity to give to my community and those who live there. I first learned the principle of giving back as a member of a social organization in college. From tutoring to providing and serving food to those in need, I appreciate the opportunity to serve. “And the greatest among you shall be your servant” – Luke 22:26.
“Because we can’t do it alone, we must work with like-minded brothers and sisters to meet the needs of those in need. Many hands make light work. Working together builds strong relationships and camaraderie as we do the work that God requires of us.”

Anarie Duckett

“A common understanding and a sense of purpose will help to build trust and recognize that both sides of this partnership have value and can make meaningful contributions. Communication is the key to any partnership or collaboration. We need to set attainable goals for the community. If we set the bar too high, then we may fall short and our efforts could end up being in vain. We need to form a partnership between our team and a team composed of members of the community so that they can help us set attainable goals step by step. Both teams need to join forces and brainstorm to determine what these needs may be.”

Alex Robinson

“It is important because there is power in numbers. One person can’t meet every single need in the community, but as a collective effort it is very possible. The more we work together & grow, the more amount of people we serve/reach.”

Andy Rousey

God creates each of us with gifts, talents, and skills that are intertwined with our purpose. As we see needs that we can meet in our community , it is our responsibility to link together as one to benefit and grow our community!

Jamar Crawford

Serving the needs of our community is a way that we can help others grow by sharing what God has given us. My goal for the youth aligns quite closely with BTSSC. I have been serving the Greenwood County youth daily for the past 12 years preparing them physically but also mentally and spiritually for the next level they embark on in life. I would truly be honored to be a part of such an impactful program that helps our youth thrive beyond athletics.